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You use the forms on the Handheld Devices tab of your Preferences form to configure how you want FirstClass to synchronize with your devices. The first time that you synchronize with a new device, FCSS automatically fills in the first available (non-active) device form. Your device provides FCSS with the data for the "Unique identifier" and "Information" fields and FCSS fills in those fields and places a checkmark in the "Active" checkbox of that device form.
You can configure your devices on these forms even if you have not yet synchronized and so the device forms are blank. Just make sure that if, for example, you configure the Device 1 form for your BlackBerry, and the Device 2 form for another client, you sync your BlackBerry for the first time before syncing the other client for the first time.
You can use these forms to configure:
•       how conflicts between the data on FirstClass and the data on the device are to be resolved
•       a threshold date for the synchronization of calendar events and tasks
•       whether you want to export/import attendees with calendar events
•       the level of data to be exchanged in the next synchronization
•       whether deletions on the device are to be synchronized to FirstClass.
To do this:
1       Choose Edit > Preferences on your FirstClass Desktop.
2       Select the configuration options you want on the appropriate Handheld Devices forms.
If you have more than four devices to sync, you can free up one of the device forms by clearing the Active checkbox temporarily while you sync another device.
More detailed help with filling in these forms is available in the Preferences/Handheld Devices form help
Configuring your FirstClass contact forms for synchronization
1       Choose Edit > Preferences on your FirstClass Desktop.
2       Select Default at "Contact form" on the General tab.
This will change the format of your existing contact forms as well as any new contacts you add.
Configuring which FirstClass contacts are synchronized with which devices
You can configure your FirstClass contacts to be synchronized with some devices and not with others.
81203_42521_14.png Note
The default is for all your FirstClass contacts to be synchronized with all your devices, so you only need to configure this if you don't want that default behaviour.
To do this:
1       Choose File > Open > Contacts on your FirstClass Desktop.
2       Open the contact you want to synchronize to a specific device.
3       Select the checkboxes on the Notes tab that correspond to the devices you want to sync this contact with.
        You must have an 8.3 or higher client to see these fields.