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1       Choose Apple > System Preferences.
2       Click the FirstClass Sync icon.
The FirstClass Sync for OS X Preferences form opens.
3       Complete the form as detailed below.
General Tab
Use this tab to specify what you want to synchronize with FirstClass and how often you want to synchronize.

Synchronize with FirstClass
Enables synchronization. Choose one of the following schedule options:
Only when you manually request it. Click Sync Now to synchronize.
Every 10 Minutes
Automatically every ten minutes
Every Hour
Automatically every hour
Every Day
Automatically every day
Every Week
Automatically every week
Synchronizes your contacts
Synchronizes your calendars (including punch-through calendars)
Synchronizes your notes on Mac with memos on FirstClass
81203_42521_14.png        Note
When memos are synchronized from FirstClass, rich text formatting and attachments are not synchronized.

Last Sync
Displays the last time the corresponding application was synchronized
Next Sync
For each application, choose the type of synchronization to be done next time:
Changes to your Contacts, Calendar, and Memos on FirstClass are sent to your Mac and then changes that have occurred on the Mac are sent to FirstClass.
All items are sent from FirstClass to Mac. Mac compares them with the current items on the Mac and sends FirstClass the required changes to match the items on the Mac.
Reset with Mac data
All items are removed from the FirstClass application and replaced with the corresponding items from the Mac. In other words, Mac items replace FirstClass items.
Reset with FirstClass data
All items are removed from the Mac application and replaced with the corresponding items from FirstClass. In other words, FirstClass items replace Mac items.
572004_44255_0.png Caution
Applications that synchronize with your Mac (for example, MobileMe) will be cleared of items and those items replaced with FirstClass items. Fields in those applications that synchronize to the Mac but aren't supported by FirstClassSync will be lost.

Account Tab
Use this tab to detail your FirstClass account information, allowing FirstClassSync to access your FirstClass account.

FirstClass Server
Type the server address or domain name
User ID
Type your FirstClass server User ID
Type your FirstClass password

Advanced Tab
Use this tab to select advanced options for synchronizing and logging.

Synchronize Calendar Events only after date
Only those events that are newer than the selected date are synchronized
Synchronize when notified by the Mac of a change
FirstClassSync will synchronize with FirstClass when notified of a change on the Mac
All Logging
All logging options are enabled
Selected Logging
Default. Only logging options you select from the dropdown list are enabled.