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Once you've installed and configured FirstClassSync, you can start to synchronize at any time using scheduling or the Sync Now button on the FirstClassSync Preferences form. There are some special considerations and tasks involved in doing the initial sync, though, as explained below.
Before synchronizing for the first time
It's a good idea to make a copy of your contacts, calendar events and tasks, and memos on FirstClass before you sync to your Mac for the first time, so that they can be restored in the event of a synchronization mishap.
To copy your contacts:
1       Choose File > Open > Contacts.
2       Choose File > Export.
The Export Contacts form opens.
3       Select "All Contacts" and "vCard (.vcf)".
To copy your calendar events and tasks:
1       Choose File > Open > Calendar.
2       Choose File > Export.
The Export Calendar form opens.
3       Select "vCalendar (.vcs)".
To copy your memos:
1       Choose File > Open > Memos.
2       Choose File > Export.
The Browse For Folder form opens.
3       Browse to or create a folder.
Synchronizing for the first time
We recommend you do a one-way sync the first time to avoid duplication of entries in cases where your data is similar but not exactly the same on your FirstClass account and your Mac applications.
To cause a one-way sync, do one of the following:
•       Delete all data in iCal/Address Book on the Mac after making sure that it's all on the FirstClass server (recommended).
•       Delete (or move to another container) all contacts on the FirstClass server, leaving the Contacts/Calendar containers empty. Make sure all of your contacts are on the Mac.
•       Consolidate your FirstClass and Mac contacts and/or calendar entries to eliminate the possibility of duplicates.
To synchronize:
1       Choose Apple > System Preferences.
2       Click the General Tab.
3       Choose the type of synchronization you want (Reset with Mac data or Reset with FirstClass data) for each application at "Next Sync".
4       Click Sync Now.