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Container Syncing

Contacts synching
• Addresses limited to three: work, home and other
• Phone numbers limited to two home, two work, one mobile, one fax, one main, one pager, one other
• If no first and last name, (for example, FirstClass Outlook Contact form), the quick name will be split syncing FirstClass to Mac with not always the best results
• Contact databases are not supported at this time.

Calendar syncing
• Not all Mac repeats are supported, specifically custom repeats
• Mac exceptions are not supported at this time
• Participants sync one-way, FirstClass to Mac

Task syncing
Tasks will sync to iCal but aren't supported on the iPhone or MobileMe

Attachments are not supported at this this time and rich text will not be synchronized
Working with Sync Services

• FirstClassSync shares the available FirstClass Preferences Handheld sync IDs with FirstClass Synchronization Services. There should be no conflict synchronizing with both.
• We recommend you synchronize your iPhone with either FirstClassSync or FirstClass Synchronization Services, but not both.